Skin care for sensitive skin Teddy Alexander Skin care for sensitive skin Teddy Alexander

About Teddy Alexander

Why I Started Teddy Alexander.

I'm passionate about the ingredients I put into my body and came to the conclusion that what I use on the outside is just as important. It's why I refuse to use any nasty chemicals and why I believe you shouldn't either. Treat your skin and body with kindness.

The Formulator.

Hello, I'm Lisa. I studied at Formula Botanica and graduated as a licensed Organic Skincare Formulator and started this business in response to a growing need for naturally derived skincare. Now in my fifties, I believe in being kind to your skin and nourishing it with the best ingredients to maintain healthy looking skin.

Recycled and sustainable
About Our Packaging.

We bottle our formulas in Miron glass to extend the life of the serum and ensure light doesn't damage to natural properties of each ingredient. We also use recycled cardboard packaging in an attempt to cut down on waste. Most of the components can be recycled when empty.